Contact EFOA

The EFOA Board of Directors, positions, duties, and contact information.

Ric Bishop
(360) 606-0405

Ryan Hogan
(360) 909-9903

John Boots
(503) 957-3253

John Bardin
Board Position 1/Training Coordinator
(360) 687-8758

Roger Pyles
Board Position 4/Sportsmanship
(360) 600-6930

James Scott
Board Position 5/Technology
(360) 601-8195

John Meridieth
Board Position 3/TPE-Evaluations
(360) 624-5202

Todd Bingham
Assigning Secretary
(360) 936-0733

Mark Heagy
Web Site, HUDL
(360) 216-3632

Meeting location is Mt View High School, South-East corner of the campus. Meetings are at 7pm on Wednesdays starting usually the second week of August. There is a training class for Apprentices, Intermediates, and new officials at 6pm before each meeting. Check the calendar page for the schedule of meetings.