Evans-Luse Scholarship

The Evans-Luse Scholarship was established to commerate the lives of two oustanding EFOA officials, George Luse and Garrel Evans. The scholarship is given to the school that wins the annual sportsmanship award and the athletic department selects the actual recipient who must be a football player from that school. Click on the mortarboard hat to see information on the winners.

Golden Whistle Award

The EFOA Golden Whistle award is presented at the end of each season to the outstanding varisty official as selected by a vote of their peers. Winners of this prestigious award represent the best of the best in EFOA. Their mechanics, rules knowledge and character both on and off the field represent the highest accomplishment for a football official. Click the whistles to see the previous award winners.

Hall of Fame

The EFOA Hall of Fame was established to recognize retired officials who have made significant contributions to officiating and to the EFOA specifically. Selection of the first inductees was made in August, 2011 with induction following in 2012.

Individual Awards

At the end of each season, the members of EFOA recognize two officials with special awards. First is the most improved official. This is awarded to an intermediate level official who, in the opinion of the training committee, has show the most improvement on the field since last year. Second is the Rookie of the Year award. This winner of this award is also selected by the training committee and it recognizes the first year official who made the most progress from his first game to the end of the season.


A person starting out to be an official is automatically placed at the apprentice level. After earning training points, officiating a minimum number of games, passing a written test, being recommended by their mentor, and passing an evaluation, they can be promoted to the intermediate level. Usually this takes about two years. To be promoted to the varsity level requires another written test, attending a summer camp, a minimum number of games and varsity level games, another evaluation and approval by the EFOA board of directors. Usually this takes an additional three or more years.

School Sportsmanship Award

Each November the EFOA members vote on the school that has shown outstanding sportsmanship. This means that their teams had the fewest unsportsmanlike penalties and that teams, coaches, and fans exhibited outstanding sportsmanship. The winner of this award also recieves a $1,000 college scholarship to be given to the football player of their choice. Click on the sportsmanship image to see the past winners.