A person starting out to be an official is automatically placed at the apprentice level. After earning training points, officiating a minimum number of games, passing a written test, being recommended by their mentor, and passing an evaluation, they can be promoted to the intermediate level. Usually this takes about two years.
To be promoted to the varsity level requires another written test, attending a summer camp, a minimum number of games and varsity level games, another evaluation and approval by the EFOA board of directors. Usually this takes an additional three or more years.

2013 Intermediate Promotions

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2014 Varsity Promotions

Ben Kemp, Darrin Leggett, Mike Maynard, Justin Hestekin, William Jamison,

Justin Hestekin,Ben Kemp,Darrin Leggett,Mike Maynard,Heath Powell,
John Bardin (Training Coordinator). William Jamison (not pictured).

2013 Varsity Promotions

2012 Varsity Promotions

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