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There is no ‘bump and run” in WA state high school football

Rule Clarification –
The Washington Officials Association (WOA) at the state level was asked for a specific rule clarification pertaining to so-called “chucking” or “bump and run” coverage by Team B defenders.

The answer from the WOA Football Committee is “No bump and run coverage nor is there chucking within 5 yards in high school football.”

Moreover, the WOA will address this topic at the August WOA Conference in Yakima, in the 2017 state test, and in 2017 training video.

The following rules were noted in the communication with the WOA: 9.2.3 c&d, 9.2.3 Situation A (Case) and 7.5.10

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Misc changes and news from the WOA for the 2015 season

Throughout the year, the WOA Executive Board took action on items that would go into effect for 1015-16. Here is a summary of the changes for 2015-16:

Game Fee Increase
There will be a $2 increase for varsity contests and $1 increase for sub-varsity. There will be no increases at the middle school level.

Administrative Fee
The 13% administrative fee will be incorporated into the game fee. In doing so, local associations/boards will establish the administrative fee necessary to cover expenses. By doing this, there will be two “game fees” established: one that is charged to the schools and the other that is paid to the officials. This will require a little bit of work initially to determine the game fees paid to officials, but will lead to a more streamlined accounting and more transparency in fees being charged to the schools.

RTO Funding
The funding of the RTO Program will shift from the WIAA member schools to the WOA local associations/boards. In order to do this, $2 will be added to all varsity fees. The revenue generated from the $2 surcharge will be paid to the WOA based on a formula that includes the number of varsity teams serviced, number of home contests and the number of assigned officials multiplied by the $2 RTO surcharge.

Background Checks
Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the WOA will begin using PeopleTrail to conduct a national background check on WOA members. The background check conducted by PeopleTrail is more comprehensive than the current Washington State Patrol background check. With a more comprehensive check, comes a requirement to pay for the information, therefore the WOA has established the following structure to charge officials for their background check. All payments will be made online at the time the official consents to the background check. Payment can be made with a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. The link for the background check will be available in the Eligibility Center.

New Officials (over the age of 18) = $10
New Officials (under the age of 18) = $0, but will be required to answer a few background check questions. The official will be required to pay $10 to run a background check once they turn 18.
Returning Officials (with no eligibility period during the previous school year) = $10

Current WOA Members:
WOA Members with current background check (1- 4 years old) will not be required to run another check, but will be required to answer a few background check questions. The answers to those questions will determine whether an official needs to run a check.
WOA Members that have a background check that is five years old = $10

As was the case with the WSP background check, the WOA and/or local association/board may re-run a background check if there is a need to do so.

Meeting Requirements (By-Laws Article V Section 3)
The meeting requirement has been changed to require local associations/boards to hold a sufficient number of meetings to educate and train officials to meet the standards established by the WOA.

Uniform Requirements (By-Laws Article III Section 1)
Sublimated shirts are required for all varsity contest beginning in 2015-16 (except volleyball – which is 2016-17). Local associations/boards can determine the shirt to be worn at the sub-varsity and middle school level.

Postseason Qualification
An official must have an approved RTO Observation prior to working a regional/state contest. Local associations/boards are encouraged to add this requirement to all postseason assignments.

Official Manual Production
Official Manuals developed by the WOA will be a four-year book. The WOA Central Hub will be used to communicate any changes that are deemed necessary in the off-years.

New Concussion Protocol (WIAA Executive Board Action)
Prior to every contest serviced by WOA officials, the officials will ask the head coach if an approved healthcare professional is on site. If the answer is no and a player is later removed for signs and/or symptoms of a concussion, the player will not be allowed to return to play.


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